John Wood Urban Renewal
To Buy

Most of our sales in West Didsbury are to first and second time buyers, seeking a quality home in a stunning location. However even for the intelligent and discerning professional, buying a house can be stressful and littered with obstacles.

Our houses are fully renovated, and ready to occupy, you just need your toothbrush and your furniture.

That is why our buyers have always received from us (long before it was ever suggested by Government) a Buyers Pack, including independent reports from:

Each gives you essential peace of mind and saves you possible disappointment and considerable costs.

Our builders are family businesses who have worked with us for over a quarter of a century. They know we demand quality at all times, and that our clients must be able to move into a minimum maintenance property, with a reliable range of quality amenities.


Our interiors have a crisp, light, contemporary feel and are designed for "style and simplicity"

When we select the fixtures, fittings and equipment we choose leading brands, supplied and installed by companies we have dealt with for many years, developing knowledge and confidence in their products.

We know that your bathroom, kitchen and living room will be a source of pride for years to come.

Attention to detail also characterises the outside. We have designed small courtyards at the back of the houses and have moved doors and windows to create light and space and beautiful views.

Why not take a tour of our View House now in pictures by viewing our image gallery?

We also concentrate on security and are constantly refining and modernising our systems, including resilient double glazing, additional top range security fittings on windows and extra bolts on doors.